Yoga mistakes we usually make while practicing yoga don’t have anything to do with our body’s physical limitations. Mistakes in yoga are made if you aren’t fully focused, or your goals in yoga aren’t clear enough.

Common yoga mistakes can be made by anyone whether they are experienced or inexperienced. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can easily avoid some of the most common yoga mistakes.

Depending on Your Yoga Teacher Too Much

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While there are lots of great yoga schools like the Marianne Wells Yoga School which you can enroll in to learn yoga properly, you should never depend too much on your yoga teacher. There are both good and bad yoga teachers out there. So, keep in mind that your yoga teacher, no matter how experienced, is still a human being prone to making mistakes. So, never take your yoga teacher’s guidance as the final word.

Also, you shouldn’t consider your yoga teacher as a spiritual teacher or doctor. If you have any other problems, you should get help from the experts in those fields instead of bothering your yoga teacher.

Going For Perfection

Perfectionism is the worst you can do for yourself in yoga. This habit is not healthy no matter what field you want to try it in, let alone yoga. In yoga, you should learn the habit of acceptance, and should focus on learning new poses and eliminating the major mistakes instead of going for perfectionism.

Judging Yourself Before Even Starting

Yoga is a flexible practice which is suitable for people of every body type and weight. So, you should never try to judge yourself before even starting yoga classes. If you think that you aren’t flexible enough for yoga, keep in mind that yoga will make you more flexible over time.