Owning a car after investing a huge amount, it should be a valuable one. Purchasing car insurance is equal to owning them. The below mentioned points lets you know about the importance of car insurance and its renewal time. Driving in India also comes with its own perils. Cases of road accidents and rule breaking are reported on daily basis.  Most of households are more affordable than a car. This increases one’s mobility and it eliminates dependence on public transport.

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Benefits of car insurance;

  • Financial protection; when you get the car damaged and has a car insurance singapore. It helps you in maintaining your value of the car without any cost. Certain damages will not be covered under policies, you can test the terms ands conditions before you opt for the insurance type.
  • Property damage will cover the whole car damage in case of any accidents. You can always claim 80% of the accident and repair cost. This reduces your stress of money management. Comprehensive coverage includes collisions like fire and road side assistance.
  • It compensates your family after your demise. The most unfortunate outcome of a road accident is the car owner’s demise. Once the bread-earning policy holder has passed away, it might become difficult for his or her family to sustain its daily life. However, a motor insurance policy can help pay the family’s expenses after the unfortunate event.

It provides policies extra coverage and additional amount claims for every damage that happens to your car.