A limo ride can be fun but only if you feel like you have enough privacy while you are riding in them. A rather crazy design that some service providers are working on involves a limo that does not have any windows but rather is fully centrally air conditioned and uses screens where windows would have been. This sounds good on paper since it would prevent anyone from peeking into your car and seeing what’s happening inside, but with all things having been considered and taken into account it would lead to a pretty claustrophobic situation so less radical solution needs to be thought of.

Limo Service

Curtains have existed for a very long time, and some service providers in the limo industry add curtains to their windows so that the people inside them can draw them if they want privacy and open them if they want a little bit of natural light coming in or if they want to enjoy the natural beauty of the location that they are currently in. For a Limo Service Sacramento to provide curtains, a standard of service needs to be met that is high in terms of quality, but with so many service providers competing with each other it seems unlikely that you would have to search too much before you find someone that has curtains in their car.

This is a rather minor issue for some people, but for those that highly prize their privacy such as celebrities or even regular people that want to avoid the outside world curtains can be a highly valuable addition to any limo they might rent in the future. You might as well get something with curtains so that you know it’s the best.