The energy that is produced from the radiation of the sun is known as solar energy. Solar energy is capable of generating electricity. If solar radiation is properly harnessed, man can fulfill all of his future energy needs. Solar energy is renewable energy as it is inexhaustible. Another good thing about producing solar energy is that it requires a one-time investment. In singapore solar energy companies are providing good service. People can choose one and get solar panels installed in their houses. This will not only save them money but also do good for nature.

Solar energy is a powerful source of energy. Although sunlight is the largest energy source on the Earth, by the time sunlight reaches Earth, its intensity decreases. Also, the Earth’s atmosphere and the clouds absorb more than half of the sunlight. People have already started installing flat-plate collectors in their houses. These flat-plate collectors are mainly used for heating water with the help of solar energy. These flat-plate collectors are made of a blackened metal plate and covered with a glass sheet.

 Bodies of saltwater, also known as solar ponds, is another method by which solar energy is converted into thermal energy. These ponds are used for storing solar energy. Solar energy is then extracted and used for food production, the production of electricity, and textiles. Solar energy can also be used for cooking in homes. This is a good alternative to LPG cylinders used. This helps in saving non-renewable resources.

Solar energy can also be used for producing salt from seawater. There is water plants sun by solar energy, and they help transform saline water into drinking water. There are many gadgets like calculators, watches, lights, etc., which use solar energy for working. This not only helps in saving exhaustible resources but also helps people save money.